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Bolted Hinge Lid

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      Bolted Hinge Lid

      Peabody Engineering offers several options for lids on your ProChem® Open Top Process Chemical Tanks. We can add a stainless steel or plastic hinge to your polyethylene lid. If you would like one side to be bolted down and the other open, we can add stainless steel or plastic bolts to the half that stays closed.

      Add a PE Handle on your Bolted Hinged Lid as an option PN 02-31628.


      ThicknessWidthFits Open Top TankShoebox Hinged Lids PNBolted Hinged Lids SST PNBolted Hinged Lids Plastic PN
      1/4"16"5 Gallon02-3160602-3161702-33022
      1/4"19"10 Gallon02-3160702-3161802-33023
      1/4"19"15 Gallon02-3160802-3161902-33024
      1/2"22"30 Gallon02-3160902-3162002-33025
      1/2"28"55 Gallon02-3161002-3162102-33026
      1/2"34"100 Gallon02-3161102-3162202-33027
      1/2"34"150 Gallon02-3161202-3162302-33028
      1/2"38"200 Gallon02-3161302-3162402-33029
      1/2"53"300 Gallon02-3161402-3162502-33030
      1/2"53"400 Gallon02-3161502-3162602-33031
      1/2"53"500 Gallon02-3161602-3162702-33032
      All dimensions and weights are approximate to the best of our knowledge. If exact size tolerances are required please contact our customer service department prior to ordering.
      Notice: Prices listed are FOB point of manufacture. A handling fee of $35 will be added to drop ship orders less than $1,500.
      Tanks shipped or will called from Corona will have a nominal freight-in surcharge added to price.