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ProChem® Lid Locking Kits

FRP Bolts
Stainless Steel Cable

      ProChem® Lid Locking Kits

      ProChem® Lid Locking Kits are a quick easy way to lock the lids closed on all our tanks with 4”, 8” and 16” twists lids. These kits work on all our Gemini® and ProChem® tanks up to 1300 gallons in round and rectangular sizes. The new ProChem® Lid Locking Kits are available as a kit or can be ordered as part of your tank order and will be pre-installed on your tanks.

      If you are ordering “Kits” to install in the field on existing tanks, they are supplied with (2) fiberglass “eye” bolts with nuts, a durable 18-8 stainless steel cable with aluminum sleeves as shown in the pictures, and a template for lining up your kit for easy installation.

      Works on Tanks with 4″, 8″ 0r 16″ Lids:

      Contact a Distributor or Rep in your area to complete the process of ordering or call Customer Service for assistance 800-4-PEABODY.

      ProChem® Lid Locking Kit for 4" Lid - 8" Cable02-32989
      ProChem® Lid Locking Kit for 4" Lid - 8" Cable - Installed on New Tanks
      ProChem® Lid Locking Kit for 8" & 16” Lid - 12" Cable02-32991
      ProChem® Lid Locking Kit for 8" & 16” Lid - 12" Cable - Installed on New Tanks02-32992

      All dimensions and weights are approximate to the best of our knowledge. If exact size tolerances are required please contact our customer service department prior to ordering.
      Notice: Prices listed are FOB point of manufacture. A handling fee of $35 will be added to drop ship orders less than $1,500.
      Tanks shipped or will called from Corona will have a nominal freight-in surcharge added to price.