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Potable Water Tanks

PE | Polyethylene

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      Potable Water Tanks – Black | CA Green | Dark Green

      These Potable Water Storage Tanks are rated at 9.2 pounds per gallon and are specifically designed for water storage only. These plastic tanks can be used for your farm operation, vineyard, agricultural irrigation, fire protection, water treatment, or any other water related uses.

      Water Tank sizes and shapes ranging from 120 gallons to 11,000 gallons. We can help you with a project of any size, from a small, single tank to a complete tank farm. The polyethylene tanks are rugged, corrosion resistant and lightweight with no seams, welds or joints to leak or rust. Manufactured using resins that meet FDA specifications to ensure safe storage of potable water, and where applicable, poly tanks are also NSF approved.

      The black or dark green color limits light penetration which reduces the growth of water-borne algae.

      To create your setup, look at the various sizes we have below. You can then contact a Distributor or Rep in your area to complete the process of ordering. If PDF drawing is available – click to download.

      CapacityDiameterHeightBlack PNBLK Model #CA Green PNCA GRN Model #Dark Green PNDK GRN Model #WeightPDF
      120 Gallon38"31"01-295404385801-295204386201-2952143860PDF Document
      165 Gallon31"56"01-295414386401-295224386801-2952343866PDF Document
      200 Gallon30"72"01-307654410701-3076644109
      220 Gallon42"44"01-295424387001-295244387401-2952543872PDF Document
      305 Gallon46"50"01-270244070201-258854136201-295264086364 lbsPDF Document
      500 Gallon48"73"01-270254310101-270214310301-295274310594 lbsPDF Document
      550 Gallon67"44"01-270264070301-258864136401-295284086494 lbsPDF Document
      600 Gallon64"50"01-295434380001-2952943802
      1000 Gallon64"80"01-270274089201-295304387801-181941686159 lbsPDF Document
      1000 Gallon72"66"01-307734411301-3077444115
      1075 Gallon87"57"01-295444380401-2953143806
      1100 Gallon87"53"01-270284070401-258884136501-2655640865179 lbsPDF Document
      1350 Gallon71"88"01-270294086001-2588940858204 lbsPDF Document
      1500 Gallon95"58"01-270304203801-2589042037194 lbsPDF Document
      1525 Gallon93"62"01-295454380801-2953243810
      1550 Gallon87"67"01-270314062701-258914136801-2953340866214 lbsPDF Document
      2000 Gallon90"84"01-307754412901-3077644131
      2100 Gallon87"89"01-319524441101-319534441501-3195444413290 lbs
      2500 Gallon95"91"01-270324063101-258924137001-2955440867339 lbsPDF Document
      2500 Gallon102"79"01-270334204001-258934203901-3077744133314 lbsPDF Document
      2550 Gallon93"95"01-295464381201-2953443814
      3000 Gallon95"109"01-270344063501-258944137201-2953540868404 lbsPDF Document
      3000 Gallon102"93"01-270354204201-3078044135379 lbsPDF Document
      3000 Gallon - (22" Lid)102"93"01-295754314001-258954204101-2953642604379 lbsPDF Document
      5000 Gallon102"152"01-270364064101-258964137501-2953740870844 lbsPDF Document
      5000 Gallon - (22" Lid) (Peanut)119"112"01-270374204401-2589842043754 lbsPDF Document
      5000 Gallon - (22" Lid) (Tuna)141"86"01-270384094301-258974137701-2953843831794 lbsPDF Document
      6500 Gallon119"150"01-295484387601-2953943880PDF Document
      6600 Gallon - (22" Lid)144"101"01-307674411701-3076844119
      7750 Gallon - (22" Lid)144"122"01-307694412101-3077044123PDF Document
      10000 Gallon - (22" Lid)141"160"01-270394313201-25899413791753 lbsPDF Document
      11000 Gallon - (22" Lid)144"167"01-307784401301-3077944023
      All dimensions and weights are approximate to the best of our knowledge. If exact size tolerances are required please contact our customer service department prior to ordering.
      Notice: Prices listed are FOB point of manufacture. A handling fee of $35 will be added to drop ship orders less than $1,500.
      Tanks shipped or will called from Corona will have a nominal freight-in surcharge added to price.