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PCS-PRO Fiberglass Pump and Equipment Enclosures

Polyester Fiberglass Construction

      PCS-PRO Fiberglass Pump and Equipment Enclosures

      We are pleased to offer our NEW line of PCS-PRO Fiberglass Pump and Equipment Enclosures. The systems come in (4) standard sizes, but you can order custom sizes as well, by simply adding inches to any of our standard model’s dimensions.

      Use the PCS-PRO enclosures for larger chemfeed pumps, peristaltic pumps, double air diaphragm pumps, multiple pumps, or other process equipment in one enclosure.

      Standard Features:

      • Front opening doors with clear windows
      • (2) 2” FPT outlets on each side for piping and electrical connections
      • 1” Bottom sump drain outlet with PVC plug
      • Integral containment sump with grate shelf for easy pump mounting
      • Integral bottom external skids to elevate enclosure off the floor or a shelf
      • Std. color is gray, but other colors are available on request
      • Polyester fiberglass construction
      • Locking doors
      • CAD submittal drawings


      • Custom colors
      • Molded-in company logos
      • Vinyl ester fiberglass construction for more aggressive chemicals
      • External mounting brackets for mounting from any side
      • Integral legs to elevate enclosure to desired height
      • Extra doors on sides or top
      • Extra windows on sides or top
      • Internal mounting brackets for coupon racks, piping, controllers, etc.
      • Venting
      • Lifting lugs
      • Forklift slots

      Looking for our PCS-PLUS Pump Containment Enclosure, click the link and we will gladly take you to that section.

      To create your setup, look at the various sizes we have below. You can then contact a Distributor or Rep in your area to complete the process of ordering. If image is available, hover over for larger view. If PDF drawing is available – click to download.

      DescriptionDimensions (L x W x H)# of DoorsPN
      PCS-PRO 124” x 24” x 24”1253-33381
      PCS-PRO 230” x 24” x 24”2253-33382
      PCS-PRO 336” x 24” x 24”2253-33383
      PCS-PRO 436” x 30” x 30”2253-33384

      All dimensions and weights are approximate to the best of our knowledge. If exact size tolerances are required please contact our customer service department prior to ordering.
      Notice: Prices listed are FOB point of manufacture. A handling fee of $35 will be added to drop ship orders less than $1,500.
      Tanks shipped or will called from Corona will have a nominal freight-in surcharge added to price.