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      PCS-PLUS 2 and PCS-PLUS 4

      Introducing the Exciting NEW PCS-PLUS Pump Containment Enclosures PCS-PLUS 2 now available. PCS-PLUS 4 coming in 2020. The Ultimate enclosures for chemical feed pumps. Feature Rich, innovative and VERY user friendly.

      “PLUS” Enclosures are designed to handle larger chemical feed pump sizes or multiple pumps in one enclosure.

      PLUS you can use them for:

      • Pump Controllers
      • Sampling Stations
      • Tank and Drum Storage
      • Coupon Racks
      • Piping Manifolds
      • Hazardous Waste Collection Stations

      Our PCS-PLUS Pump Containment Enclosures are available in colors of Blue, Blue/Gray 2-Tone, Natural (Vanilla) or Gray, but can also be molded in custom colors for special applications or provided with your company graphics molded in for branding and enhanced market exposure. Call our customer service department for pricing on custom colors or graphics. LPE Construction.

      • Front opening doors for easy access to pumps
      • Hinged top hood for ease in servicing internal equipment
      • Bottom Suction port for vertical insertion of tubing into your feed pumps
      • Bottom Port for Electrical Connections
      • Integral Hinge design with all non-metallic corrosion-resistant components
      • Dual Pane Viewing Windows for easy visual assessment of pumps inside
      • Integral Anchoring Connections
      • Lockable front doors to secure your equipment from unauthorized access
      • Integral Mounting Supports for Coupon Racks and Piping Manifolds
      • Standard mounting plate for installation of your pump controller inside
      • Enhanced bottom sump drain connection
      • Optional Internal Cooling Fan

      Looking for our regular Pump Containment Enclosure, click the link and we will gladly take you to that section.

      To create your setup, look at the various sizes we have below. You can then contact a Distributor or Rep in your area to complete the process of ordering.

      PCS-PLUS 2 and PCS-PLUS 4

      DescriptionInt Dim-LInt Dim-WInt Dim-HExt Dim-LExt Dim-WExt Dim-HBlue PNBlue/Gray 2-Tone PNNatural PNGray PN
      PCS-PLUS 2.0 No Divider20 in20 in
      30 in29 in26 in38 in253-33294253-33297
      PCS-PLUS 2.0 w/ Divider20 in20 in
      30 in29 in26 in38 in253-33295253-33298
      PCS-PLUS 2.0 Base Only No Divider20 in20 in
      25 in28 in25 in31 in253-33296253-33299
      PCS-PLUS 2.0 Base Only w/Divider20 in20 in
      25 in28 in25 in31 in253-33893253-33300
      PCS-PLUS 4.0 - Coming 202034 in
      47 in
      40 in
      44 in52 in63 in253-33894253-33875253-33879253-33883

      PCS-PLUS 4 Base Only

      DescriptionDim LDim WDim HGray/Green Tint PN
      PCS-PLUS 4 Base Only
      Drum Spill Pallet
      Secondary Containment for
      (2) Single Walled Tanks or Drums
      40 in48 in16 in253-33885

      PCS-PLUS Optional Accessories

      DescriptionInstalledPCS-PLUS 2
      Controller Plate Small (Black LDPE)Yes02-33823
      Controller Plate Large (Black LDPE)
      (Cannot be used with PCS-PLUS with Divider)
      Ventilation Fan with 120/240V PlugNo02-33825
      Ventilation Fan with 120/240V PlugYes02-33826

      All dimensions and weights are approximate to the best of our knowledge. If exact size tolerances are required please contact our customer service department prior to ordering.
      Notice: Prices listed are FOB point of manufacture. A handling fee of $35 will be added to drop ship orders less than $1,500.
      Tanks shipped or will called from Corona will have a nominal freight-in surcharge added to price.