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ProChem® Basins


      ProChem® Basins

      Designed to provide secondary containment for tanks ProChem® Basins meets or exceeds EPA’s 49 CFR secondary containment requirements.

      ProChem® Basin with FRP Grating and ProChem® Tank

      These economical open containment basins are designed for one or two tanks (depending on model) and are available with or without an elevated base made of rugged corrosion-resistant fiberglass grating to keep your tanks above liquids and sediment that may accumulate in some installations. Made from rugged polyethylene with ultra-violet inhibitors, ProChem® Basins will last for many years in the harshest environments. All of our tanks meet or exceed the EPA’s requirements for secondary containment under 49-CFR.

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      To create your setup, look at the various sizes we have below. You can then contact a Distributor or Rep in your area to complete the process of ordering. If image is available, hover over for larger view. If PDF drawing is available – click to download.

      ImageBasin SizeHolds Tank SizeBase L x WTop L x WHBasin PNFRP Grating Base PNPDF
      ProChem Basin® Basin 33.5 Gal Peabody Engineering
      33.5 Gallon2524" x 24"31" x 31"14"253-3162902-31826 +PDF Document
      ProChem Basin® Basin 66 Gal Peabody Engineering
      66 Gallon5024" x 24"34" x 34"24"253-3163002-31826 *PDF Document
      ProChem Basin® Basin 67 Gal Peabody Engineering
      67 Gallon(2X) 25/5024" x 48"32" x 56"14"253-3163102-31827PDF Document
      ProChem Basin® Basin 111 Gal Peabody Engineering
      111 Gallon65/75/10036" x 36"42" x 42"20"253-3163202-31828 *PDF Document
      ProChem Basin® Basin 120 Gal Peabody Engineering
      120 Gallon(2x) 75/10036" x 60"43" x 67"15"253-3163302-31829PDF Document
      ProChem Basin® Basin 182 Gal Peabody Engineering
      182 Gallon12536" x 36"45" x 45"30"253-3169502-31828 *PDF Document
      ProChem Basin® Basin 220 Gal Peabody Engineering
      220 Gallon175/20040" x 40"49" x 49"30"253-3163402-31830 *PDF Document
      ProChem Basin® Basin 400 Gal Peabody Engineering
      400 Gallon290/30054" x 54"62" x 62"32"253-3163502-31831 *PDF Document
      ProChem Basin® Basin 825 Gal Peabody Engineering
      825 Gallon525/75060" x 60"71" x 71"50"253-3334302-33346PDF Document
      ProChem Basin® Basin 1100 Gal Peabody Engineering
      1100 Gallon100084.5" x 84.5"89" x 89"42"253-3334402-33347PDF Document
      ProChem Basin® Basin 1650 Gal Peabody Engineering
      1650 Gallon150084.5" x 84.5"90" x 90"61"253-3334502-33347PDF Document

      + Grating Only
      * Kit includes (4) Grating Supports – All Non-Metallic

      All dimensions and weights are approximate to the best of our knowledge. If exact size tolerances are required please contact our customer service department prior to ordering.
      Notice: Prices listed are FOB point of manufacture. A handling fee of $35 will be added to drop ship orders less than $1,500.
      Tanks shipped or will called from Corona will have a nominal freight-in surcharge added to price.