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FiberRing Restraint Systems


      FiberRing Restraint Systems for Gemini® and ProChem® Tanks

      FiberRing Restraint Systems is a non-metallic hold down (restraint) system for Gemini® and ProChem® Tanks from 5 gallons to 500 gallons. This all fiberglass restraint system features an open cylinder with an integral 4” wide rim at the base. The cylinder height is typically half the height of the tank wall.

      The FiberRing restraint unit is like a very large “cup holder”. The tank sits securely inside the cylinder and can be bolted to the ground by drilling holes into the integral rim flange. (4) Holes are adequate for most tanks. The FiberRing is a great option for securing your tanks in seismic as well as marine and other high-demand tank installations.

      Holes can be “pre-drilled” as a “no charge” option. Since they are all fiberglass, they are very easy to drill onsite. FiberRing can be provided with any new Gemini® or ProChem® tank or ordered as an accessory for Gemini® or ProChem® tanks you already have in the field.

      Gemini® Cylindrical

      FiberRing ForWeightNon-Code PNCode PN
      Gemini® 15 Gallon2202-3012202-32296
      Gemini® 20 Gallon2202-2928202-32297
      Gemini® 40 Gallon (Flat)3402-3101302-32298
      Gemini® 40 Gallon (Dome)3502-3229402-32299
      Gemini® 62 Gallon3902-3035202-32300
      Gemini® 65 Gallon4702-3072902-32301
      Gemini® 90 Gallon5002-3101402-32302
      Gemini® 120 Gallon5502-3101502-32303
      Gemini® 160 Gallon8102-3101602-32304
      Gemini® 220 Gallon7902-3101702-32305
      Gemini® 320 Gallon9902-3101802-32306
      Gemini® 500 Gallon13302-3101902-32307

      Gemini® Squares

      FiberRing ForWeightNon-Code PNCode PN
      Gemini® Squared 5 Gallon1302-3229502-32308
      Gemini® Squared 10 Gallon1702-3102002-32309
      Gemini® Squared 20 Gallon2402-3102102-32310
      Gemini® Squared 40 Gallon3702-3102202-32311
      Gemini® Squared 70 Gallon4802-3042002-32312
      Gemini® Squared 120 Gallon6902-3102302-32313


      FiberRing ForWeightNon-Code PNCode PN
      Open/Closed Top 51002-3233002-32341
      Open/Closed Top 101402-3233102-32342
      Open/Closed Top 151802-3233202-32343
      Open/Closed Top 302602-3233302-32344
      Open/Closed Top 553402-3233402-32345
      Open/Closed Top 1004702-3233502-32346
      Open/Closed Top 1506502-3233602-32347
      Open/Closed Top 2007602-3233702-32348
      Open/Closed Top 3008402-3233802-32349
      Open/Closed Top 40010602-3233902-32350
      Open/Closed Top 50013002-3234002-32351


      FiberRing ForWeightNon-Code PNCode PN
      All dimensions and weights are approximate to the best of our knowledge. If exact size tolerances are required please contact our customer service department prior to ordering.
      Notice: Prices listed are FOB point of manufacture. A handling fee of $35 will be added to drop ship orders less than $1,500.
      Tanks shipped or will called from Corona will have a nominal freight-in surcharge added to price.