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Bulkhead and Bolted Fittings

      Bulkhead and Bolted Fittings

      Bulkhead Fittings are also known as tank adapters or compression fittings. Standard Bulkheads are spin-tightened, screwing together to create a seal against the tank wall. Bolted Bulkheads create this same seal through the tightening of nuts and bolts. Bulkhead Fittings can be made of various materials and can be used on all plastic tanks in most locations.

      See tabs above to learn more about Fitting Materials and Gasket Materials.

      Contact a Distributor or Rep in your area to complete the process of ordering or call Customer Service for assistance 800-4-PEABODY.

      Bulkhead Fitting PVC

      PVC Bulkhead Fittings

      High quality PVC Fittings come in SxT, TxT, and SxS. Available with EPDM or Viton gasket.

      PVC Bulkhead SizesGasket TypeLengthHeightS x T PNS x S PNT x T PN
      .5 inPVC/EPDM3.752 in10-366610-366510-3667
      .5 inPVC/Viton3.752 in10-360210-360010-3601
      .75 inPVC/EPDM3.882.3810-363210-365410-3620
      .75 inPVC/Viton3.882.3810-360510-360310-3604
      1 inPVC/EPDM3.882.5610-362210-362110-3623
      1 inPVC/Viton3.882.5610-360910-360610-3607
      1.25PVC/EPDM4 in3.2510-362510-362410-3626
      1.25PVC/Viton4 in3.2510-361310-361010-3612
      1.5PVC/EPDM4 in3.2510-362810-362710-3629
      1.5PVC/Viton4 in3.2510-363610-363310-3635
      2 inPVC/EPDM4.254.3810-363110-364210-3641
      2 inPVC/Viton4.254.3810-364510-363710-3638
      3 inPVC/EPDM4.656 in10-363410-387310-3872
      3 inPVC/Viton4.656 in10-364910-364710-3648
      4 inPVC/EPDM5.758.7510-387010-387110-3869
      4 inPVC/Viton5.758.7510-365910-365010-3657
      6 inPVC/EPDM8 in12 in10-361910-363910-3630
      6 inPVC/Viton8 in12 in10-366210-366010-3661


      PVC Small Bulkhead FittingsBulkhead Fitting PVC Small

      PVC Bulkhead fittings are available in smaller sizes for required applications, TxT only.

      Small Bulkhead SizesGasketT x T PN
      .25 inPVC/EPDM02-29268
      .25 inPVC/Viton02-29269
      .375 inPVC/EPDM02-29270
      .375 inPVC/Viton02-29271


      Corzan CPVC Bulkhead FittingsBulkhead Fitting CPVC

      High quality CPVC Fittings come in SxT, TxT, and SxS. Made of Corzan® CPVC and available with EPDM or Viton Gasket.

      Corzan CPVC Bulkhead SizesGasket TypeLengthHeightS x T PNS x S PNT x T PN
      .5 inPVC/EPDM3.752 in10-358410-357410-3586
      .5 inPVC/Viton3.752 in10-354110-386610-3540
      .75 inPVC/EPDM3.882.3810-358110-353810-3582
      .75 inPVC/Viton3.882.3810-365810-354210-3543
      1 inPVC/EPDM3.882.5610-357810-358010-3579
      1 inPVC/Viton3.882.5610-365510-386310-3656
      1.25PVC/EPDM4 in3.2510-357510-357710-3616
      1.25PVC/Viton4 in3.2510-365110-365310-3652
      1.5PVC/EPDM4 in3.2510-356610-358510-3568
      1.5PVC/Viton4 in3.2510-359210-361510-3865
      2 inPVC/EPDM4.254.3810-388410-388610-3885
      2 inPVC/Viton4.254.3810-386810-386710-3646
      3 inPVC/EPDM4.656 in10-388110-388310-3882
      3 inPVC/Viton4.656 in10-364010-364410-3643
      4 inPVC/EPDM5.758.7510-357610-388010-3879
      4 inPVC/Viton5.758.7510-387610-367410-3875
      6 inPVC/EPDM8 in12 in10-361810-358310-3663
      6 inPVC/Viton8 in12 in10-386410-367710-3878


      PPL Bulkhead FittingsBulkhead Fitting PPL

      High quality PPL Fittings are only available in TxT. Available with EPDM or Viton gaskets.

      PPL Bulkhead SizesGasket TypeLengthHeightT x T PN
      .5 inPVC/EPDM3.752 in10-3587
      .5 inPVC/Viton3.752 in10-3617
      .75 inPVC/EPDM3.882.3810-3588
      .75 inPVC/Viton3.882.3810-3595
      1 inPVC/EPDM3.882.5610-3589
      1 inPVC/Viton3.882.5610-3597
      1.25PVC/EPDM4 in3.2510-3591
      1.25PVC/Viton4 in3.2510-3598
      1.5PVC/EPDM4 in3.2510-3743
      1.5PVC/Viton4 in3.2510-3599
      2 inPVC/EPDM4.254.3810-3593
      2 inPVC/Viton4.254.3810-3608
      3 inPVC/EPDM4.656 in10-3664
      3 inPVC/Viton4.656 in10-3611
      4 inPVC/EPDM5.758.7510-3596
      4 inPVC/Viton5.758.7510-3614
      6 inPVC/EPDM8 in12 in10-3590
      6 inPVC/Viton8 in12 in10-3594


      PPL and HD PPL Economy Bulkhead FittingsBulkhead Fitting PPL and HD PPL Economy

      Cost effective PPL Bulkheads available with EPDM and Viton only. Heavy duty option available for more demanding needs.

      Bulkead SizesGasket TypePPL (T x T) PNHD PPL (T x T) PN
      .5 inEPDM-02-24
      .5 inViton-02-28284
      .75 inEPDM02-8502-23
      .75 inViton02-2828502-28286
      1 inEPDM02-12-
      1 inViton02-28287-
      1.25 inEPDM02-10-
      1.25 inViton02-28288-
      1.5 inEPDM02-4-
      1.5 inViton02-28289-
      2 inEPDM02-1102-28775
      2 inViton02-2829002-28291
      3 inEPDM02-20-
      3 inViton02-28292-
      4 inEPDM02-19-
      4 inViton02-28293-


      PPL Full Drain Bottom Discharge Bolted Bulkhead FittingsBolted Bulkhead Fitting PPL

      Cost effective Bolted Bulkhead available with EPDM or Viton gaskets. Bolts are 316 SST.

      PPL Bolted Bulkhead SizesGasketT x T PN
      .75 in x 1 inEPDM02-51
      .75 in x 1 inViton02-52
      1 in x 1 inEPDM02-14927
      1 in x 1 inViton02-14926
      1.25 in x 1 inEPDM02-14925
      1.25 in x 1 inViton02-14924
      1.50 in x 2 inEPDM02-14923
      1.50 in x 2 inViton02-14922
      2 in x 2 inEPDM02-14921
      2 in x 2 inViton02-14920
      2 in x 2 in (Full Port)EPDM02-14919
      2 in x 2 in (Full Port)Viton02-14918
      3 in x 3 inEPDM02-14917
      3 in x 3 inViton02-14916


      316 SST Bulkhead FittingsBulkhead Fitting 316 SST

      High quality Bulkhead fittings are available with EPDM and Viton gaskets. Made with 316 Stainless steel.

      Bulkead SizesGasket Type316 SST (T x T) PN
      .375 inEPDM02-25955
      .375 inViton02-28871
      .5 inEPDM02-25956
      .5 inViton02-28873
      .75 inEPDM02-14952
      .75 inViton02-28875
      1 inEPDM02-14951
      1 inViton02-28876
      1.25 inEPDM02-14950
      1.25 inViton02-28877
      1.5 inEPDM02-14949
      1.5 inViton02-28878
      2 inEPDM02-14948
      2 inViton02-28874
      3 inEPDM02-14946
      3 inViton02-28880


      316 SST Deluxe Bolted Bulkhead FittingsBulkhead Fitting 316 SST Deluxe

      Come as TxT only and are built out of 316 Stainless Steel. The fitting comes with two gaskets: A blind drilled internal and an external with through holes for a tight seal.

      316 SST Deluxe Bolted Bulkhead SizesGasketT x T PN
      .50 inEPDM02-15046
      .50 inViton02-15039
      .50 inTealon02-28671
      1 inEPDM02-15044
      1 inViton02-15037
      1 inTealon02-28673
      1.50 inEPDM02-15043
      1.50 inViton02-15036
      1.50 inTealon02-28674
      2 inEPDM02-15042
      2 inViton02-15035
      2 inTealon02-28675
      3 inEPDM02-15041
      3 inViton02-15034
      3 inTealon02-28676
      4 inEPDM02-15040
      4 inViton02-15033
      4 inTealon02-28677


      Self-Aligning Bulkhead FittingsBulkhead Fitting Self-Aligning

      Allow for installation of straight piping on the tops of dome tanks or other curved surfaces. Swivel ball connections corrects for the arced surface. Only available double threaded with EPDM or Viton gaskets.

      Self-Aligning Bulkhead SizesGasketPPL PNPVC PN
      1 inEPDM-02-15009
      1 inViton-02-29273
      2 inEPDM02-2828302-15008
      2 inViton02-2926302-29274
      3 inEPDM-02-15007
      3 inViton-02-29275

      Fittings Materials

      Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) bulkhead fittings can be used in a wide variety of applications. It has excellent chemical resistance to most solutions of acids, alkalis, salts, and other organic compounds miscible with water. PVC is not resistant to aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons. (32˚F to 140˚F)

      Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC) can be used in the same applications as PVC but can withstand higher temperatures. (32˚F to 195˚F)

      Polypropylene (PPL) is the lightest of the plastic bulkhead material and can be used in a wider variety of applications than PVC. (-4˚F to 195˚F)

      316 SST
      316 Stainless Steel is the strongest of all bulkhead fitting types. 316 SST has a very wide range of chemical resistance and can handle temperatures way beyond that of plastic fittings.

      Gasket Materials

      Ethylene Propylene DieneTerpolymer (EPDM) gaskets are designed especially for acids and can handle many aggressive chemicals, alcohols and environments over time. (-4˚F to 195˚F) Also called EPT or EPR.

      Viton, or FKM Fluorocarbon Rubbers, are the most chemically resistant, balanced, and have excellent overall properties. Viton is not suitable for caustic chemicals. (-20˚F to 302˚F)

      Cross-Link Polyethylene Foam gaskets have a wide range of chemical resistance that match our tank. X-Link has no form memory so removing this fitting after it has been compressed can cause leaks when re-installed later. (32˚F to 140˚F) Also called XLPE.

      Tealon is resistant to most chemicals, insoluble, inert, non-flammable, dielectric, naturally lubricated and thermally stable. (-40˚F to 302˚F)

      All dimensions and weights are approximate to the best of our knowledge. If exact size tolerances are required please contact our customer service department prior to ordering.
      Notice: Prices listed are FOB point of manufacture. A handling fee of $35 will be added to drop ship orders less than $1,500.
      Tanks shipped or will called from Corona will have a nominal freight-in surcharge added to price.