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Vertical Storage Tanks


      Vertical Storage Tanks

      These vertical plastic tanks are closed top and have a flat bottom, they are natural in color standard weight (premium weight) at 1.5 specific gravity, also availble in color blue which is heavy weight 1.9 specific gravity. The polyethylene tanks are most frequently used for bulk storage and mobile nursing applications. Vertical Process and Storage Tanks feature tie-down slots, built-in graduated gallon indicators, an offset fill-opening and a self-vented, slosh-proof lid.

      Note: Standard fittings are available on some models. Not included unless specified when ordering. Non-standard fittings available upon request.

      To create your setup, look at the various sizes we have below. You can then contact a Distributor or Rep in your area to complete the process of ordering. If PDF drawing is available – click to download.

      CapacityDiameterHeightPremium PNNatural Model #STD WeightHeavy PNBlue Model #HD WeightPDF
      22 Gallon202001-295064360812 lbsPDF Document
      25 Gallon182901-257634186715 lbsPDF Document
      50 Gallon185301-257644186525 lbsPDF Document
      65 Gallon234301-257654519226 lbsPDF Document
      75 Gallon234901-257664186328 lbsPDF Document
      100 Gallon284301-257674186134 lbsPDF Document
      105 Gallon236301-257684080338 lbsPDF Document
      120 Gallon383101-257694031841 lbsPDF Document
      130 Gallon324601-303454410236 lbsPDF Document
      150 Gallon305601-257704185948 lbsPDF Document
      160 Gallon286901-323774453655 lbsPDF Document
      165 Gallon315601-257714028153 lbsPDF Document
      200 Gallon307201-257724185654 lbsPDF Document
      210 Gallon326701-257734740158 lbsPDF Document
      220 Gallon424401-257744032051 lbsPDF Document
      225 Gallon317701-323784453860 lbsPDF Document
      250 Gallon308901-257754185469 lbsPDF Document
      300 Gallon357901-257764021378 lbsPDF Document
      305 Gallon465001-257774030273 lbsPDF Document
      310 Gallon329401-2950743625105 lbsPDF Document
      500 Gallon487301-2577940148104 lbs01-2577840150119 lbsPDF Document
      550 Gallon674401-2578040023104 lbsPDF Document
      750 Gallon4810301-2578140606154 lbsPDF Document
      850 Gallon4811801-2578242214174 lbsPDF Document
      1000 Gallon648001-2578340152174 lbs01-2578440154199 lbsPDF Document
      1000 Gallon726601-3026444111174 lbsPDF Document
      1050 Gallon4815201-3237944818219 lbs01-3238044820249 lbs
      1100 Gallon875301-2578540070184 lbs01-2578640081209 lbsPDF Document
      1100 Gallon G875301-3008442591184 lbs01-3008542593209 lbsPDF Document
      1250 Gallon6011401-3144344356255 lbs01-3144444358290 lbsPDF Document
      1500 Gallon6411601-2578740144279 lbs01-2578840146329 lbsPDF Document
      1505 Gallon6013501-3144544259305 lbs01-3144644261340 lbsPDF Document
      1550 Gallon876701-2578940235219 lbs01-2579040236249 lbsPDF Document
      1550 Gallon G876701-3008642595219 lbs01-3008742597219 lbsPDF Document
      1700 Gallon877401-2579240010244 lbs01-2579140012279 lbsPDF Document
      2000 Gallon6415201-2579347109454 lbs01-2579447564509 lbsPDF Document
      2000 Gallon908401-3034644125314 lbs01-3034744127349 lbsPDF Document
      2100 Gallon878901-2579640178304 lbs01-2579740241349 lbsPDF Document
      2100 Gallon1026901-2579541399294 lbsPDF Document
      2500 Gallon959101-2580040051379 lbs01-2580140052424 lbsPDF Document
      2500 Gallon1027901-2579942382359 lbs01-2579842384399 lbsPDF Document
      3000 Gallon9510901-2580540754449 lbs01-2580440755519 lbsPDF Document
      3000 Gallon9510901-3008843092449 lbs01-3008943093PDF Document
      3000 Gallon1029301-2580345246419 lbs01-2580642380484 lbsPDF Document
      3000 Gallon1029301-3009043136419 lbs01-3009143138PDF Document
      3450 Gallon9611901-3238344668505 lbs01-3238444670PDF Document
      3600 Gallon8715101-3238544790557 lbs01-3238644792
      4000 Gallon10212501-2580740312756 lbsPDF Document
      4200 Gallon10213101-2580841403756 lbsPDF Document
      4995 Gallon1428901-3238744822855 lbs01-3238844824
      5000 Gallon10215201-2580940164986 lbs01-25810401661131 lbsPDF Document
      5000 Gallon11911201-332854535501-3328745357
      5000 Gallon1418601-3238940941855 lbs01-3239043833
      5500 Gallon1389201-25813450861029 lbsPDF Document
      6000 Gallon10218201-25815402261331 lbs01-25816402331451 lbsPDF Document
      6100 Gallon11914001-25818406591286 lbs01-25817406611456 lbsPDF Document
      6500 Gallon11915001-25826402241346 lbs01-25820402321506 lbsPDF Document
      6500 Gallon12014701-25819423151346 lbs01-25827423171506 lbsPDF Document
      6502 Gallon10219601-31447476181337 lbs01-3144847620PDF Document
      7800 Gallon11917601-1811406631606 lbs01-1812406651806 lbsPDF Document
      8400 Gallon11918801-1813420601806 lbs01-1814420622056 lbsPDF Document
      8400 Gallon12018701-32381443951682 lbs01-3238244397PDF Document
      9000 Gallon14114601-29510436181650 lbs01-2951643620PDF Document
      10000 Gallon14116001-29800431282056 lbs01-2951743130PDF Document
      10500 Gallon13020201-25106476382118 lbs01-2510747640PDF Document
      11000 Gallon14416701-30339440092135 lbs01-30340440112360 lbsPDF Document
      12000 Gallon14119301-30731439192809 lbs01-30732439213309 lbsPDF Document
      13000 Gallon14419801-30341440153163 lbs01-30342440173663 lbsPDF Document
      15000 Gallon16518601-29511438213114 lbs01-2951843823PDF Document
      15500 Gallon14124401-30733439413609 lbs01-30734439434159 lbsPDF Document
      20000 Gallon16524201-30343438255007 lbs01-30344438275807 lbsPDF Document
      All dimensions and weights are approximate to the best of our knowledge. If exact size tolerances are required please contact our customer service department prior to ordering.
      Notice: Prices listed are FOB point of manufacture. A handling fee of $35 will be added to drop ship orders less than $1,500.
      Tanks shipped or will called from Corona will have a nominal freight-in surcharge added to price.